International Joint Research 2: Inclusive Economic Development Strategy


ASEAN is currently experiencing remarkable economic development. At the same time, as pointed out with regard to the limits of economic development shown, for example, by the middle-income trap and economic disparities, it is not possible to be optimistic about the future of the region. This joint research, therefore, considers policies and institutions as well as the role of civil society and other matters that will lead to the creation of inclusive economic development in emerging ASEAN countries. While taking middle-income ASEAN countries such as Thailand as a reference case, this team studies the future prospects of economic development in emerging ASEAN countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos in order to seek economic development paths that are more inclusive and fairer.

Center for Southeast Asian Studies research team members

  • Fumiharu Mieno
  • Satoru Kobayashi
  • Yasuyuki Kono
  • Koichi Fujita
  • Kazuo Ando

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