International Joint Research 1: Transitional Justice and Stable Society


This joint research considers two issues. The first is the issue of how the social fissures generated by past conflicts in developing ASEAN countries can be overcome, and the second issue is how to design institutions and movements that will maintain stable societies in the post-conflict era. Focusing mainly on Cambodia and Myanmar, not only will the legal approach, which defines “transitional justice” in a narrow sense, be taken, but a wider joint study of political and social trends will be conducted, aiming for the presentation of new social concepts.

Center for Southeast Asian Studies research team members

  • Yoshihiro Nakanishi
  • Yoko Hayami
  • Masaaki Okamoto
  • Nathan Badenoch
  • Mikiko Ono
  • Takahiro Kojima
  • Masao Imamura

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